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Goodbye, My Love EP

by Harry & Lloyd

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released September 22, 2010



all rights reserved


Harry & Lloyd New Britain, Connecticut

Timothy Walsh - Vocals & Lyrics
Mike Harrison - Vocals & Instruments

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Track Name: Help Me Be Myself
I wouldn't stand here as I am, if you were never there.
You wouldn't be the one I love, if you had never cared.
I will be the one for you, as you have been for me,
and you can be the one I love, 'cause love can set us free.

So save me from myself 'cause I feel like dying.
Help me be myself!
Save me from myself 'cause I feel like lying.
Help me be myself!

I can be your sanctuary, and you can be my shrine.
You can be my hourglass, and I will be your time.
I need you more than ever, like I need you here today,
but every time I look at you, you look the other way.

Now I've been standing here on shards of broken glass.
Telling you all of my fears and now you're here at last.
I know you never wanna be the hardest part of you and me,
and every time I try to make you feel alive I set you free.
I have been there just for you and you know that I try
And all along I've said it's you, but now I'll say goodbye.
Track Name: The Regretful
Looking back, I see the past and all I had in mind
But all alone, I sit and wait, with so much left to find.

But I don't wanna see, all that's yet to be
I want to live right now
I want to soldier on, even though you're gone,
You're all I have somehow.

I try to teach, and try to learn, but nothing ever shows
And even with my heart wide open, my mind is always closed.

Always closed.

Flying solely through my mind, I establish my composure
But then the lights start flashing and what I thought was the beginning is now feeling like it's over.
Track Name: Smoke and a Ghost
I, I wish, I wish that I could find you
And walk by your side, but I wouldn't even know where to begin.
I, I wish, I wish that I could love you
And say that you're mine, but I know you wouldn't let me come back in.

But I feel like love was never written so elegantly clear,
And with that said I can't help wondering.

And all the time, the days are growing harder,
And sometimes they grow easier, but it's never quite often, you know?
And mostly I find, I can't help but miss you,
And sometimes you're lost, but I pray that I will find you someday. Someday.
Track Name: Spirit of Desire
I held a candle to your face, in hopes to see you smile,
And when you did I thought that I could be yours for a while.
You showed me love and gave my heart the beating that it needed
But then the beating had to stop, and now I feel defeated.

I'm lost in myself for now, the time isn't right.
Not willing to quit but I just can't seem to fight.
Simple trends come and go, blinding me with their light,
And as this light grows darker I regain my vision.

Can it be that you are gone? I really want to know.
This love we had, you took away, but I still need you so.
I lit a fire in your heart in hopes to make you love,
And when you did, I knew that I could never have enough.

You showed me the world, and gave my soul the spirit of desire.
But then you left and now I fear my soul is still on fire.
Track Name: Next to Me
I watched you walking next to me, but couldn't say a word.
I saw that you had noticed me, the silence could be heard.
You never made me feel so strange, 'cause love had never struck,
But standing here right next to you, I knew I'd have such luck.

So can you help me learn to cry? This pain won't go away.
And can I be the one you love? Please promise me you'll stay.

You found me at my darkest time, and brought me to my knees,
And knowing as I watched you pass, I'd never be at ease.
You helped me out when I was in, you showed me who to be.
I loved you then and still do now, although you don't love me.

I am not the one who tore my heart in two.
You told me you were mine, and now you're telling me we're through.

It isn't all that easy to simply turn my head.
There were many times when I, in fact, had wished that I were dead.
I won't show you weaknesses that you have never seen,
'Cause now it's time to find the one I wish you could've been.
Track Name: Dark Autumn
A man of conquest stands beside his brother draped in green,
While far away another man is fighting for his queen.
One by one they march on foot, fighting for a cause,
And all alone stand side by side with all that can be lost in mind.

Because the most elegant of days, is the one that I fear.

Everyone who dies today will die for what is right,
But both sides fight for that, you see, so who will win this fight?
And all alone they ask their God if he will let them live,
While fervently he watches them with no more life to give.

I found a way to make things right.
I couldn't love so I tried to fight.
I lost it all, I lost it without knowing.
And I listened to your every word,
But the only thing I ever heard
Was how to see your heart if it's not showing.

Families fall to pieces as their flags are taken home,
And the queen who once sat righteously was taken from her throne.
The war is done, the soldiers gone, at least the fighting stopped,
But many lives were taken when the bomb was finally dropped.